Rivals of Ixalan Prerelease Events 1/12-1/14

Friday, January 12th, FNM is the SGH Store Champs, the FNM event for that evening will be Wacky Draft.

All events will lead up to the Midnight Prerelease event for Rivals of Ixalan.

Rivals of Ixalan Prerelease Events:

Entry: $30 Day of Door ($25 Pre / $125 for ALL 5)

Format: Sealed Deck

Friday 1/12 @ 11:59PM
Saturday 1/13 @ 12PM
Saturday 1/13 @ 5PM
Sunday 1/14 @ 12PM (Two Headed Giant Sealed)
Sunday 1/14 @ 5PM

Prize Support:
1.5 Packs per player AND
1 SCG RIX Playmat for 1st and 2nd Place IN EVERY EVENT!!! (That’s 4 Playmats for the 2 Headed event)

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