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Nickelodeon’s Splat Attack! is a fast and frantic food fighting board game for 2 to 4 players, designed by Jonathan Ying (Star Wars Imperial Assault, Doom The Board Game). Featuring characters from SpongeBob Squarepants, Invader Zim, Hey Arnold!, and Rugrats!

In Splat Attack, players will take control of a team of 4 characters, grab a hand of food cards, and load up their team with Cool Points. Cool Points range in value from 0 to 3 points, and can be stolen from your characters when they get hit with food! However, additional Cool Points can be collected by reaching key locations on the game board.

When hit with food, splat tokens must be placed on the defending character. Placing these tokens strategically will be key to your success, as your character’s grid space is limited. Once a character’s grid is fill, the character is splatted and out of the game.

Players that are able to get the last hit in and splat a character, earn a golden Cool Point. Once the last golden Cool Point is taken, the game ends, and all players add up their Cool Points to determine a winner.

Each team is fighting to have the most Cool Points at the end of a Food Fight!

Each turn, you can activate two different characters, and those characters can each perform two actions.

A MOVE action allows a character to move a number of spaces equal to their SPEED rating.

A GATHER Action allows a character to draw 2 food cards and pick up any Cool Point tokens they find in their space!

A THROW action allows a character to throw food at a rival character! Some Food cards have special effects and abilities!

You can Throw food at any opponent within your Range. Roll a number of dice equal to that food card’s Splat Rating plus your character’s Aim Rating.

If you roll at least 1 Hit Result the throw hits the target! Your target must pull a splatter tile from the bag matching the food card’s splat rating.

The target must place that splatter tile on their character grid. They must cover 1 space for each hit result the throwing character rolled.

Then, take 1 Cool Point token from the target. However, if the target’s grid is completely full, or they can’t fit the tile on their grid, the target is SPLAT and you gain a SUPER Cool Point token instead!

Once the last Super Cool point token is claimed, the game ends! The player with the most points at the end wins!

Game play tips from game designer Jonathan Ying:

Nickeoldeon’s Splat Attack is a frantic game of throwing food and scoring points, but there can be a method to the madness if you can play strategically. Given that it’s a free for all game it can often be a wise course of action to focus on not making too many enemies or being perceived as too great a threat! The last thing you want is to have other players teaming up against you.

Temporary alliances can be very useful if you can get your rivals to work with you to take down a player who seems to be running away with the game. Many characters have special abilities that allow them to assist their teammates, like how Phoebe can use her ability to protect her friends. But remember, you can also use her ability to help out a character on a different team to prevent another opponent from scoring or perhaps as leverage to discourage the player you helped from attacking you in the future!

Be wary of stacking up Danger tokens, they allow you to perform some pretty incredible feats, but they make your character a much juicier target! Also, when you take a hit from an opponent who is behind, it might be a good idea to let them take a danger token or two from your grid. That way they won’t ALL go to the player who ends up splatting you!

Character and Team play tips from Jonathan Ying:

You should learn your team’s strengths and weaknesses and position accordingly. Each character has a number of unique abilities that can synergize in interesting ways. For example, Arnold’s ability to allow his allies to perform additional actions is very useful when both Helga and Gerald can do unique tricks when they Throw food.

Befitting a seasoned fry-cook, Spongebob Squarepants is a versatile character who can both move fast and draw food cards quickly for his team, Meanwhile, Sandy is a dangerous opponent in close quarters with her mastery of Kay-Rah-Tay. Use Patrick’s ability to shove rival characters closer to Sandy and use Squidward’s bad luck to your advantage by having him soak up splatter tiles and keep his allies fresh for longer.

Those Rugrats are always finding their way into crazy adventures! Tommy’s bonus action is an incredibly useful tool for giving his team an edge, he’s the only character who can reliably perform THREE attacks in a given round. To supplement his otherwise low skill ratings (I mean, to be fair, he’s one year old.) Suzie can use her ability to assist in his mobility while Angelica can steal food from nearby characters!

Zim’s team is all about hitting hard and causing chaos for their opponents. GIR is the fastest character in the game and can charge into the enemy ranks while Zim, Dib and Gaz throw a barrage of snack foods into the mix. You’ll want to get Zim into position quickly so he can perform his bonus attacks at the end of your turn, meanwhile Dib requires some careful play to tempo his unique action economy. Gaz is your trump card, she’s a solid character for your backline but after she’s taken a few hits and lost her Cool (points) she’ll go berserk and wreak havoc with incredibly high mobility, range, and accuracy!

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Hey Arnold! - Character Art
Hey Arnold! – Character Art
Rugrats - Character Art
Rugrats – Character Art
SpongeBob SquarePants - Character Art
SpongeBob SquarePants – Character Art
Invader Zim - Character Art
Invader Zim – Character Art

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