MTG – Throne of Eldraine – Prerelease Weekend!

Magic: the Gathering
Throne of Eldraine – Prerelease Weekend!
6 Events

Friday at 6PM and 10PM – $30 Sealed Deck
Saturday at 12PM and 5PM – $30 Sealed Deck
Sunday at 12PM – $30 Two-Headed Giant Sealed Deck
Sunday at 5PM – $30 Sealed Deck

2 Packs per player or better prize support all weekend!

Pre-Order Booster Boxes for $99.99 Pre-Release Price Only!

All events are $25 if you preregister, $5 off if you play in 5 ($120) and $10 off for playing all 6! ($140)

PreReg closes on Thursday September 26th.

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