City of Gears, Founder Edition


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Grey Fox Games is excited to present City of Gears, an award winning area control game by Chris Leder and Daryl Andrews that was previously scheduled to be a part of the prestigious Dice Tower Essentials line.

In City of Gears, you and up to three friends compete to uncover and develop an abandoned, overgrown steampunk metropolis.  Whoever can use their resources and automaton workers to earn the most Prestige when Opening Day comes will go down in history as the founder of the City of Gears.

City of Gears starts with 9 random city tiles placed in a 3×3 grid face down, waiting to be discovered.  With 18 different tiles, no two games are ever the same.

On their turn, players roll resource dice to gain Gears, Steam and Charges. Gears are used to either give yourself new powers or to make new connections that help you gain access to and control over new parts of the city.

Steam can be used to deploy your automaton workers to city tiles.

Charges can either rapidly move your workers around the city or can be used to destroy opponents’ gear links or send opponents’ workers back to their factory.

Workers on building tiles can activate buildings in the City of Gears, earning clever players a chain reaction of benefits.

Once the city is uncovered, Opening Day creeps closer and development speeds up in the city. The game will end immediately once the third Opening Day gear is drawn from the bag.

Players who control parts of the city when Opening Day hits will earn extra Prestige. Whoever has the most Prestige wins!


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