Crusaders: Thy Will Be Done

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In the year 1119 AD, the Crusading Orders were formed to protect the thousands of pilgrims who were travelling to Jerusalem. The knights were closely tied to the Crusades, and they were considered to be some of most highly skilled fighting units of that time. The orders grew in wealth and power for almost 200 years until King Phillip IV of France had them persecuted and arrested for reasons that are discussed by historians to this day.

Crusaders: Thy Will Be Done, a brand new game from designer Seth Jaffee (Eminent Domain, Terra Prime), will put players in the role as the leader of a Crusading Order. Using an innovative Mancala/Rondel mechanism, they will move their knights through Europe and the Middle East. They will battle with enemies, construct buildings, and train troops – all the while trying to be the order that has gained the most influence before the game comes to a close.

Crusaders: Thy Will Be Done will be published in glorious Deluxified™ format, with all the quality you have come to expect from TMG.


First, why don’t we let the designer, Seth Jaffee, tell us in his own words what was behind his creation of Crusaders: Thy Will Be Done:

“Awhile back, I heard about a brand new boardgame coming out that was going to combine a mancala mechanism with a rondel. I thought that idea was brilliant, and made some assumptions on how that must work. My guess was that on your turn you would choose an action to do, resolve that action based on the number of action tokens in that space on the rondel (the more, the better), then distribute those tokens around the rondel a-la Mancala. This sounded fantastic, as each action would sort of grow in power until you take it, then it would revert back to zero, and you’d have to build it back up before taking it again. I was really excited about this idea, but to my surprise, I found out that I’d guessed wrong!”

“So in a weird bit of serendipity, my incorrect guess at the mechanism ended up giving me an idea that would make for an entirely different mechanical experience, one I thought was well worth pursuing. Looking at how Crusaders turned out, I think I can safely say I was right.”

Tasty Minstrel Games is committed to not only publishing amazing and excellent games, we also want those games to look amazing and excellent as well. Our past Kickstarters for Orleans and Yokohama have set a high mark for Deluxified™ components, and we will continue that standard of quality with Crusaders: Thy Will Be Done.

The additional cost for the Deluxified™ components matches our cost with no additional profit, to make and deliver them to you the backer. For this reason, TMG will only make a Deluxified™ version through crowdfunding. We will make enough for Kickstarter Backers, some replacement copies, and some convention sales in Limited Quantity.


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