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It is the first Millenium, BC. The location is the Eastern Mediterranean. Groups of people banded together in city-states, and through conquest and commerce, they rose to prominence. It was an era where many separate kingdoms and individuals each had their own distinct moment “in the sun”. This is the world of Gentes, where players will guide their civilization through the ups and downs of history, trying to make sure they are the one who makes a permanent mark in the annals of history!  

Designed by Stefan Risthaus (Arkwright), this civilization game is for 2-4 players and will last around 90 minutes. While training priests, soldiers, merchants, artisans, and scholars, players will establish and populate significant cities, while creating monuments that will glorify their greatness to those who see them in the future.

To perform most actions, you will take an available Action Tile from the main board and add it to the time track on your player board, paying its cost in coins (6 in the example above) and taking the required number of Hourglass Tokens (1 above).

When an Action Tile requires you to take multiple Hourglass Tokens, you may choose to place 2 in a single space of your time track in order to allow room for more actions – when your time track is full you won’t be able to take any more actions for the rest of the round.

At the end of the round, you’ll return all Action Tiles to the main board and remove 1 Hourglass Token from each space of your time track. Any remaining Hourglass Tokens slide to the left and stay for the next round, limiting the number of actions you’ll be able to take.

Gentes will be published in amazing Deluxified™ format, with all the quality you have come to expect from TMG.

As you may have noticed, we are doing something slightly different with Gentesthan we have from earlier campaigns. For Gentes, TMG has decided to replace the cardboard components with wood and metal en masse. Backers will not have to wait for a stretch goal to be hit to complete the material upgrades. We are excited about this small shift in our process, and we hope you are as well!



Tasty Minstrel Games is of the opinion that amazing games should also look amazing while you are playing them. This is why we choose to offer an upgraded version of our releases when we have a Kickstarter campaign. Ever since we first undertook this process, with the game Orleans, the Deluxified™ versions of our games have proven to be fan favorites, and we think that our Deluxe version of Gentes will continue this amazing tradition that some of our other games like Yokohama and Crusaders: Thy Will Be Done helped forge.

The additional cost for the Deluxified™ components matches our cost with no additional profit, to make and deliver them to you the backer. For this reason, TMG will only make a Deluxified™ version through crowdfunding. We will make enough for Kickstarter Backers, some replacement copies, and some convention sales in Limited Quantity. Backing this Kickstarter at the Deluxified™ level is the only way that you can guarantee yourself a Deluxe copy of Gentes.



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