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Beginning in the mid 1800’s, brave and ambitious settlers traveled west across the United States, emboldened by the lure of a better life and an innate sense of adventure. These early settlers did not know what kind of life awaited them, but they pressed onward, in the hopes of finding a better life for themselves and their families.

This spirit is the focus of one of Tasty Minstrel Games very first published titles, Homesteaders, from designer Alex Rockwell.

Long out of print, TMG is now bringing the game back as part of their 10 year Anniversary Extravaganza. This enhanced edition, with upgraded components, will be published along with the expansion, Homesteaders: New Beginnings. 

Homesteaders: New Beginnings, from designer Sean McCarthy,will include all the components needed to add a 5th player to the game, plus more auction and building tiles to give more variance to each play session. It will have 25 “jumbo size” resource components – each of these will count as 5 resources of normal size. Perhaps the most exciting addition that the expansion brings to your table is a brand new event deck. Every round of the game will be altered slightly by an event, and the players will need to be on their toes and plan accordingly for these changes if they are going to come out on top at the end of the game.

And for those of you who own a previous printing of Homesteaders, don’t worry – the New Beginnings expansion is completely compatible with earlier editions of the game!

Stay tuned to this section to see the awesome additions the 10th Anniversary Edition of the game will be getting as the campaign continues!

TMG has been an industry leader with our Deluxified™ game format offered through Kickstarter. We take great pride in offering our customers something special and unique as a reward for helping us publish amazing games that are fun, innovative, challenging, and great to look at as they are played. Many of you might be wondering why we haven’t Deluxified™ the 10th Anniversary Edition of Homesteaders in this way.

First, Homesteaders, as it was originally produced, was already filled with a lot of top notch components, with many different wooden bits including awesome wooden apples, cows, and gold coins.”Deluxe-ing” these components, short of sending actual animals, fruit, and 24k gold, would prove to be a problem, logistically and from a price standpoint.

Secondly, TMG is reprinting Homesteaders to celebrate it as the highly rated and well received design that it is, but also as one of the two titles that launched the company.A company that has published dozens of titles enjoyed the world over. In the end, we decided that it was best that the 10th Anniversary Edition should not be a limited release only offered through Kickstarter.

Homesteaders is played over the course of 10 rounds – with each round having an income phase, followed by an auction phase.

During the Income phase, the players will allocate their workers to their buildings. When this is completed, each player will collect their income from their buildings and rail lines, and finally pay each of their workers for their efforts.

During the Auction phase, each player will have a chance to bid on the right to create buildings. On their turn, they will either issue a new bid, or pass. Once a player has passed, they can no longer take part in the auction phase, but they will move up the Railroad Development Track as consolation.

Starting with the player who won Auction #1, each winner will choose an available building that they have the resources to claim. After each player has chosen a building, the players will return to the income phase and start the process over.

After 10 rounds, there will be one last income phase without an auction, and the player with the most points will win the game of Homesteaders!

Check out the Rules to Homesteaders HERE

CHeck out the Rules to the New Beginnings expansion HERE

Hey! Where are the stretch goals? This is a Kickstarter campaign…there should be stretch goals right?

Well yes and no. There will be stretch goals for our Homesteaders 10th Anniversary edition, but not in the aspect that our backers have come to experience in past crowd funding campaigns. Instead of putting a dollar amount as a target for an added component or enhancement, we are going to allow this campaign to grow its stretch goals in a more organic fashion.

With every campaign, we have always been excited by our interaction with our backers, and in many cases, they have surprised us with stretch goal ideas that we had never considered adding to our game in the first place. The campaign for Gentes is a wonderful example of this, as many suggestions made during the campaign led directly to enhancements that were added to the final published design.

We want to make the 10th Anniversary Edition of Homesteaders as much your game as it is ours, and we want to try and put INTO the game exactly what our backers are wanting, and we feel that by leaving our Stretch Goal options open, this gives us the best chance to deliver on that goal.

Now this isn’t to say we don’t already have several ideas in place – we do! – so please don’t think we are resting on our laurels and expecting our backers to do all the heavy lifting. All we ask is that you stay tuned to see just how we are going to make the already awesome 10th Anniversary Edition even better!

Ryan Metzler did a review Homesteaders quite a long time ago, but he enjoyed it greatly!

Tom Heath wanted to play Homesteaders so much, he borrowed a copy and did a video showing a full playthrough of the game and gave his impressions on the game!

Episode 45 of the Tasty Minstrel Games Podcast did a deep dive into Homesteaders and how it still holds up almost 10 years after it was originally published – hosted by Lance Myxter and special guest Anthony Racano.


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