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In Sprawlopolis, 1-4 players work together to build a new city from the ground up. Using only 18 cards and a variable scoring system, the game is never the same twice.

First, players will randomly flip over 3 cards to see the scoring rules for the game.

In this game, you will try to keep Parks away from the edges, line up lots of  Commercialblocks in a row or column, and create roads that connect your Parks.

But not only do these 3 cards determine how you will score this game, they also determine how you win. Total up the values of all three cards, and that number is the score that you need to reach in order to win.

The example above is just one of many, many combinations (816 to be exact!). Each game has drastically different scoring rules in unique combinations, and a new score to beat, ranging from 6 to 51 points.

Each turn, players will play one card from their hand to the growing city, trying to score as many points as possible.

Players will have to communicate and plan without revealing their own cards in order to most efficiently develop large areas in each of the 4 zone types.

Watch out though, road maintenance isn’t cheap, so each road will cost you points in the end.

When all cards have been placed, the game ends and players see if they have met the dynamically generated minimum score for their game.


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